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Condition of Contracts 


By giving us your package to deliver and signing this waybill, you agree to all the terms of this waybill. In the event of conflict between this waybill and a relevant document, this condition of contract will control. This waybill shall be binding on us when the shipment is accepted. We may mark this waybill with an employee number as our signature or our printed name shall be sufficient to constitute as our signature of this waybill.



Contents must be compatible  with the container and should be packed securely to help assure safe transportation with ordinary care and handling. Cash or cash equivalent should not be shipped.

We will not be liable for, nor shall any adjustment, refund , or credit of any kind  be made as a result of any loss, damage, non-delivery or misdelivery, except such us may result  from our sole negligence, including, but not limited to, any such loss, damage,  non-delivery or misdelivery caused by or resulting from improper or insufficient packaging, marking,  or addressing, or for acts of the recipient  or anyone with an interest in the packaging. 



Use the DEL ASIA delivery express Waybill  for shipment within the Philippines .Please use complete street addresses, postal code, and telephone numbers whenever possible.



For shipments within the Philippines, the liability of DEL ASIA is limited to your actual damage or the sum of Php 100.00, whichever is less  unless a higher value is declared and a greater charge is paid.



We make no warranties, express or limited.


Del-Asias Track & Trace System Is Now Operational! As part of our continued efforts to improve our customer service, Del-Asia Express Delivery has recently launched their Track & Trace System which is now available at www.delasiaexpress.com, 24/7. Clients can now get rid of the hassles of freque...

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